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Archive - 1960s

If you have any photos from past productions that we could include in the Archive, we would be very pleased to feature them here. Please email them to archive@westwickhampanto.org

Contributors: Kit Blakemore
Amanda Woolley
Tony Ward
Jane Primmer
Sandra McKen (nee Baker)
If any ex-members remember Sandra, we have contact information - email us at: contact@westwickhampanto.org.uk

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1960 - The Pied Piper of Hamelin


The Company

Monica Titmuss

Trevor Chilver, Freddie Coleman and John Isom

Group photo

Brian Best

Doran School of Dancing

Sandra Baker, Susan Holman, Pat Cashman and Dorothea Fernando

Front row: Valerie Hann, Ivy Godsell, Monica Titmuss and Pat Best

1961 - Robin Hood


The Company

Ron Tinker, Len Tully and Roy Gaved

Monica and Company

Valerie Hann, Pam Rowlands, Ivy Godsell, Bertie Lewis and Monica Titmuss

Doran School of Dancing

Christina Down, Christine Vellenoweth, Sandra Baker, Pat Cashman and Len Tully

Valerie Hann, Bertie Lewis, Ivy Godsell, Margaret Gilbert, Adrienne Knight, Pat Best,
Monica Titmuss, John Gomm and Trevor Chilver

Ron Tinker, Roy Gaved and Len Tully

1962 - Ali Baba


The Company

Pat Best and Adrienne Knight

Bill Brock, Ivy Godsell and Ron Tinker


Sandra Baker, Christina Down, Pat Best and Adrienne Knight

Sandra Baker and Christina Down

1963 - Cinderella


The Company


Barbara Fagg and Ron Tinker

Dudley Bason, Pip Blakemore and the Dancers

Press Photo

1964 - Mother Goose and the Enchanted Princess


(l to r) 'Mother Goose', 'Mary Mary', Pip Blakemore, Julie Poole, Ivy Godsell

1965 - Tom Thumb
and the Three Wise Women of Wickham


1967 -Aladdin


The cast

(l to r) Joan Sharman, Monica Titmuss, Elridge Griffiths and Brian de Salvo

1967 - Old Time Music Hall


The Entire Company

Beside the Seaside

Four Urchins: (l to r) Mandy Woolley, Peter Goodworth, Barbara Fowlds, John Lane-Smith

Charleston: John Lane-Smith & Linda Crooks
and Andy Harrison & Linda Everest

The Singing Fools: Bill Brock and Tony Ward

1968 - Cinderella


The cast

Adrienne Knight and Linda Crooks
The Uglies: Tony Ward and Beverley Cope

Peter Wellman

1968 - Old Time Music Hall


Annie Get Your Gun

'The Watch': Dave Noble, Tony Ward and Andy Harrison

'The Machine': Tony Ward and Lynne Watts

1969 - The Wizard of Oz


The Emerald City

Who's That Hiding?: Don Reed, Tony Ward,
Sally Burgess and Bernard Blakemore

If I Only Had a Brain:
Sally Burgess and Tony Ward

If I Only Had the Nerve: Don Reed, Tony Ward,
Sally Burgess and Bernard Blakemore

1969 - Old Time Music Hall


Musical Director Derek Hale, orchestra and company in rehearsal

'Sustained Objection': Tony Ward

'Talk of The Town': Bernard Blakemore and Tony Ward

'War and Pieces!'

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